Another sock for Jesus…the cure for Boredom.

boredAny other moms feel this way about the word bored?  I HATE the word bored, and ironically the word “hate”, but I digress.  In our house if you say “bored” you get to do a chore.  If we’re being honest about it the kids aren’t the only ones that get bored though, right?  Sometimes the monotony of the laundry is enough to make me curl into the fetal position and weep.  I thought this graphic was funny but it doesn’t have to be true!  Even the most mundane tasks can bring us fulfillment if we take a moment to attach meaning to it.

One Sunday in church a woman (who was wearing a bonnet to church which I thought was fan-freaking-tastic) said that she prints out pictures of Jesus and puts them everywhere where there’s a mundane task to remind her that everything was for Him.  I loved it.  I didn’t go home and print pictures out but I did become mindful of the mundane things.  The next time I stood at the laundry I repeated to myself, “There’s one more sock for Jesus!”  Yes, the first time I said it I burst out laughing but as silly as it sounds I felt better.  I was washing the socks of His precious little children.  And didn’t he say in Luke, “Suffer little children to come unto me.”  And man, the laundry never ends but I love His/my children.  Meaning!

We don’t have to be bored and neither do our kids!  While in the midst of mundane mothering, what are some things you do to fend off the evil “b” word (Not THAT “b” word!) and find meaning?  Here are some of my ideas!

Listen to an eBook
Sing Show-tunes, Hymns, 1940’s songs, just sing!
Listen to an awesome podcast- (The Living Room!)
Call a Friend and tell them what you appreciate about them
Make it a Game and Involve the kids
Look forward to some self-care: a bath, a walk, girls’ night, date night, whatever!
Think of the “why” behind what you are doing
Express Gratitude

Till tomorrow, live your beautiful life…


*If anyone has photo credit, let me know so I can attach it.  Yay for graphic artists who never see their due!