A Kindred Spirit- A Bosom Friend

Every once in a great while a book (or series of books) comes along and while you read you feel like you are finally home.

When I was nine years old my Dad gave me a set of books: Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery. I’ve treasured them, but never picked them up. How I made it through girlhood without reading these classics is a mystery to me as I now firmly believe that every girl should read Anne. I loved the movies. I still do. I can watch all of them right through- breaking only to use the facilities and restock my junk food.

A week or so ago I looked at them on my shelf and decided that it was high time I read them. To say that I related to Anne is putting it mildly. I more feel like Lucy Maud Montgomery looked forward a hundred years into the future, saw me (and my daughter for that matter) and went back and wrote about me. I feel like the very soul of Anne is so much like me, it’s uncanny. I love her misadventures, her willingness to be bold and fight for a cause, her dramatics, her love for fashion. I love Avonlea. I love Marilla and Matthew- OH MATTHEW!!! And of course I love Gilbert Blythe.

From the minute I picked the book up I laughed and cried aloud. It has been a delightful week. I could have read it faster than I did, but there are so few of the books that I’ve savored it, allowing myself small bits every day- even rereading some of Anne’s most glorious little speeches. About half way through the week I went online and researched L.M. Montgomery. I thrilled to discover that the original manuscript of Anne of Green Gables resides at the University of Guelph (a mere mile from my dad’s house). I can’t wait till August when I’ll get to go see it! And I’m planning a trip to Prince Edward Island to see the house that inspired the Books. Yes, it is a thirteen hour drive from Guelph to PEI but I don’t care!

I finished the first book about an hour ago, flailed myself flat on my face on the floor and just sobbed. Suffice it to say, I loved the book. We’re talking an all time favorite type liking. As Anne would say, I truly feel as if I’ve found a kindred spirit- a bosom friend.