God is Outside!

Yesterday was Rotten.  Just rotten.  Sometimes very painful issues from my past seem to find their way to the surface from time to time and in spite of my deep love for life, I hurt.  Almost unbearably so.  Can you relate?

Last night was date night and I had agreed to go on a hike.  The Handsome Husband’s love language is the mountains.  And so in spite of my rotten day I summoned what I could and headed to the trail.

And then I found God.


HE was in the wildflowers.  Blue bells, white columbine, fuchsia wild roses, yellow ditsy flowers, queen Anne’s lace, Indian Paintbrush.

HE was in a bird.  Its body was yellow with an orange stripe around its neck and a black head.  It flew right onto a branch in front of my head.

HE was in fossils in a rock.  I put my hands on them and I felt so infinitesimal in the scheme of things and yet connected to the great whole of His universe.  And feeling so small made me feel enormous!  I even found this fossil that had a star enclosed in a circle.  HE was in it.


HE was in the shock of the icy water of the waterfall.  As I dipped my hands to the wrist my ache was sucked out of my fingers and rushed down the mountains to water the wildflowers and give them color.

HE was in the quartzite crystals I found at the base of the waterfall poking out of a rock.  As if they were placed in that rock eons ago so that one day a broken girl could place them on her heart to be clarified and energized.

HE was in the echoes of the canyon that swallowed my sobs and promised to keep my confidences.


HE was in my husband’s kindness and the words of wisdom he spoke, encouraging me to empty all of my heartache into that mountain and then inhale peace to take home with me.


I found HIM and in doing so found ME.

Go outside and find HIM.


Until tomorrow, Live your beautiful Life,


Post Script: Incidentally God was NOT in the enormous BULL MOOSE we encountered a mere 15 feet from the trail on our way down the mountain, nor was he in the swear words I uttered due to fear over said moose.  Lest you think I’m some sort of holy-communing-prodigy.  I’m not.  Just a nature-loving, s-word uttering, basket case who loves God and knows He loves me anyway.