Life has no U-Turns

On my way home from the gym on Monday night I was stopped at a light. On my left there was a “no U turn” sign. Because I see everything in the world as some sort of metaphor, I started to think about my life. Sometimes in the past, I have gotten caught up in looking back- wanting to go back and change things or experience things again. For once I feel like I am at a place in my life where I have no desire to look back. I wouldn’t do anything differently than I did it and I wouldn’t rather be there. Even the mistakes that I have made, and there have been many, have lead me to where I am now and it is a wonderful place to be. The husband, children, roles, accomplishments, goals and ambitions that are in my life are mine and I love them.
Then the light turned green. And I cried tears of joy. “Go” it screamed. “Go, Go, GO.” So here I go. Recently I read something that reminded me that I am at the threshold of my life. I haven’t arrived. I can change who I am at any moment. Without going backward. Without U turns. I decide who I want to be. I move forward. I think that the most miraculous thing about this life is that we have the opportunity (if we’ll take it) for rebirth every day.
Today, I hit the gas. Pedal to the Metal. I “GO” and I am better today than I was yesterday. Not in spite of what I was, but because of it. And because of God’s Grace and Mercy I don’t need a U-Turn. My life is more brilliant in the road ahead. I can almost see it, but for now, I just love the road I’m on.