My Perfect Day

IMG_20150829_174543Coming up today, on October 6, The Living Room is airing a brand new episode called, “Who Do You Want To Be, and What’s Stopping You?” We had a great time recording this show and are excited to share it with you. To build some enthusiasm and momentum, we came across a fascinating exercise to bring us closer to who we want to be.

According to Mindvalley Academy  we each have a “core identity” that holds our innermost desires, our greatest hopes, and our most cherished dreams. This core identity yearns for deep, meaningful experiences that are aligned with our true nature.

One way to uncover and get in touch with that core identity is to envision your perfect day. #myperfectday
To help create that mental picture of your perfect day, every day in October The Living Room is posting questions—and answers—about small aspects of our perfect day on all our social media channels, designed to help trigger thoughts and ideas. Find us wherever you hang out online, read each question, and join the conversation by sharing and commenting with your ideal vision too.
By the end of the month you should have a detailed picture of your own perfect day, and be one step closer to uncovering your core identity. To get you started, here’s the big question:
If there were no limitations, what would your perfect, average day look like?
Limitations means you don’t have to worry about time, location, expense, or other constraints.
Average means you could do it every ordinary day (this means your perfect day would not include climbing Mount Everest, for example.)
Don’t worry if this sounds overwhelming. We don’t expect any answers right now. Each day we’ll be posting one little question—like a piece to a puzzle—that will help you think about just one aspect of your perfect day. #myperfectday
We would love you to jump in and contribute answers and ideas of your own, here on Facebook, or Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Feel free to use the hashtag too. It will be so much more fun and exciting if we all do this exercise together!
How closely does today resemble your perfect day? #myperfectday