October 1: Where Would You Live #myperfectday

On my perfect day I would live in a place that is a mix of country and city.  I would want to live close to nature that has come to be so dear to me, (American Fork Canyon, my heaven, 7 minutes away)afcanyonbut also close to culture, diversity, sporting events and busyness that I also love. (Abravanel Hall where the Utah Symphony plays and Energy Solutions where my Utah Jazz play)abravanelhallenergysolutionsarenaI would want to live somewhere close to fantastic restaurants, (Samuel Oteo, chef at the best Mexican restaurant ever and Pizzeria 712, favorite pizza place.)oteopizzaria712 a great Yoga studio,  (3b and Lifted Life Yoga.  My favorite Yoga Studios)3bliftedlifean upscale whole foods market, (Meiers fine foods where I shop when I want something special, Macey’s where I shop every week and Costco where I shop every month)
meiersmaceyscostcoa place that had excellent schools/teachers and a choice of extracurricular activities.deerfield mrjh  It would be ideal to have a place that I like to work out, (LB Fitness)lbfitness a trail to ride my bike (The Murdock Canal Trail)murdock and doctors/dentist/orthodontist that we like.alpinefamilymedicinesmileperfect  I would want to be close enough to Doug’s office and my studio/theatre/other workplaces that commutes don’t steal our time away. (All of these places we work are within minutes of our home.  Doug’s commute from car to office chair- 5 minutes.  Only one requires a freeway.)utahcopahaleoremhaleslcsceraI would want to live close enough to see our extended family.20140209_173612 20140501_185322 and surrounded by neighbors that I love and who love me–people who count on each other.  IMG_20140507_120626I would love to live by my place of worship so that I could go there often and easily. (Mount Timpanogos Utah Temple)timptemple I would want to live around people who are thoughtful, cultural, open minded, loving, and who refrain from judgment of others.

It would be lovely if this all were in close proximity to an ocean. (Rockaway Beach on the Oregon Coast.)rockawaybeach Although, when I think about it, I think I’d like a house at the ocean but only as a retreat.  I never want the ocean to be normal for me.  It must always be magic.

In total authenticity this is what I want.  And, for the most part, what I have.  Amazing.  Truly.  I had no idea.  It’s quite an emotional and humbling thing to realize that you are where you would like to be.  Sometimes I complain about where I live.  I’m kind of a…hmmmm…how shall I say this?  A daisy in a rose garden?  I sometimes think that the grass would be greener if I were somewhere else.  But what if I’ll always be a daisy?  No matter where I go?  It’s probable!  And if I weren’t here, I’d miss the roses!  (I think these are poppies, but you get the metaphor!)daisyinroses