The Living Room- Launching in FOUR days!

I am so excited for this project to launch.  After a year of collaboration, it is finally time to invite others into our “Living Room.”  You’ll find out what happens when a roomful of women talk about the issues we all face and give practical solutions to all of life’s challenges.  I can’t wait to create this community!

Do you ever wonder if you’re the only woman who runs errands in yoga pants so it will look like she went to the gym? Or how about the only mom who feeds her kids raw cookie dough? Or are you the only one who “cooks” her family cereal for dinner? 

Do you need more laughter and less loudness, more self-love and less self-loathing, more joy and less judgment?

You’re not alone.

Come to The Living Room, a place where we get comfy, candid, and confident together. Come seeking sanctuary and leave feeling renewed. We’re saving a seat for you!

Give yourself some Living Room today. 

Launching June 16th 10 a.m.